Enchanting Ache Balm


Our natural ache balm truly is a magical potion! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how versatile and effective it is. A little goes a long way, and all ingredients were chosen first for our own family, so you can be sure yours is taken care of, too. See below for a full description and ingredients.

Directions for use: For topical use only. Our friends and family like to use it on bruises, aches, sunburn, arthritis, sore muscles, cramps, etc. If it hurts, rub it on and see if it'll work. It's likely that you'll be pleasantly surprised at its versatilty and effectiveness; we always are, and we make this stuff!

How it's made: We start with a magical oil base infused with flowers and herbs grown organically on our urban food forest/medicinal garden/native backyard habitat. Then we add natural butters to turn that into a balm that glides on smoothly so a little goes a long way. Finally, we include organic essential oils to make it smell amazing, and 50mg per ounce of 99+% pure CBD isolate from Extract Labs for extra magical power.

Ethics: This magic potion was originally crafted for the aches of a family member who fell off a ladder. We use only ingredients we would put on our own family and friends (because we do), and we price it as low as possible so that working-class folks can afford quality natural ingredients. Our ethics and morals guide every aspect of our company.

Sustainable practices: Everything is packaged in sustainable, low-waste packaging; no plastic! Glass jars, metal lids, cardboard shipping boxes, and raffia package filler. And of course, we would never test on animals. Because what good is a natural product if its packaging or ingredients would harm the natural world?

With CBD:
.2 oz sample glass jar: $2
1 oz amber glass jar: $10
2 oz glass jar: $20
6 oz glass jar: $50

Without CBD:
1 oz amber glass jar no CBD: $8

*Zero-waste incentive: $2 off your next order for exchanging your empty 1 oz or 2 oz jars (local delivery/pickup only).

Magical oil base: sweet almond oil, coconut oil, cherry kernel oil, aloe juice. May be infused with: yarrow, plantain, calendula, self-heal, chamomile, lavender, rose, purple dead nettle, mint, clove (specific combinations of herbs used will vary with the seasons, as we use what we grow, dry, and infuse ourselves)
Organic Cocoa Butter
Organic Beeswax
Emulsifying wax
Vitamin C
Vitamin E
CBD Isolate (50 mg/oz)
Organic Essential Oils: clove, cinnamon, peppermint, tea tree, lemon

These products have not been approved by or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The information here is based on the opinions of the author, who is a magical bee hedgewitch and not a doctor. Please check the ingredients carefully and consult your health care team for possible interactions.

Note: If you are growing a human, this magic is too strong. Please do not use it if you're pregnant or nursing.

Additional information

Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in

.2 oz sample glass jar: $2, 1 oz amber glass jar: $10, 2 oz amber glass jar: $20, 6 oz amber glass jar: $50


Original scent (Tea Tree, Clove, Cinnamon, Peppermint), Light scent (Lemon, Lavender, Benzoin/Vanilla)

1 review for Enchanting Ache Balm

  1. Donnita F (verified owner)

    Thank you Enchanting Bee for a great natural product at a fair price! I can not believe how this CBD lotion has worked!! I used for my husband’s sciatica nerve pain and it relieves the pain better than anything we’ve tried.. Honestly was skeptical at first, but using is believing. I have a friend with lots of pain following knee surgery. After trying regular pain relief tablets, he agreed to using some of my Enchanting Bee Ache Balm and said he was amazed at how quickly and completely the pain was gone. I now use it on my knee and ankle joints for relief at night. This costs less than the over the counter CBD products and has such a pleasant smell and requires so little. One jar lasts a very long time. I have three friends using it now. Thank you Enchanting Bee for a great natural product at a fair price.

    • Enchanting Bee

      We’re so glad you love it! Helping people feel better is why we are here. Enjoy!

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